Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rounding the World with Star Alliance

I am heading off tonight on a round the world trip, booked on Star Alliance member carriers. I'll be blogging here and otherwise writing travel pieces during and after the trip, as well as tweeting:

It's a big trip: 10 countries, four continents, eight airlines, 28 days. It'll be challenging but I don't expect to be bored.

First up: Auckland, New Zealand, on Air New Zealand. It's a 13-hour, all-night flight. But Air New Zealand is a good carrier. I flew with them once before, to Sydney, a decade ago, and liked them.

After Auckland, the journey will take me to Singapore, Mumbai, Cape Town, Cairo, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, London and San Francisco.

I booked the trip on the new - it was launched in July - Star Alliance Book and Fly function at Star, which allows you to plan and finalize a RTW trip. You can accomplish the same thing by calling a travel agent, ticket office or airline call center, but I did it on the Web site.

More details on that, and the trip itself, to come.

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