Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well, it's round.

Having just finished my globe-girdling trip, always heading westward, I arrived in the same city I first departed from. I didn't fall off the edge of the planet, surrounded by scary monsters. Inexplicably, the Flat Earthers got it wrong.

I am home after 28 days in the sky - and eight airlines, nine countries, 11 hotels, 11 flights, 34,000 air-miles, 84 meals, 49 blog posts and 65 tweets.

It was a travel epic, it was fun, there was always something interesting going on. On occasion, it was physically challenging; sometimes all those time zones leap up and bite you in the chest. But for a trip with so many moving parts, it was agreeably smooth. Of course, constructing a big trip through a global airline alliance helps immeasurably with connectivity.

Interested in taking a trip like this? I'm going to re-post my earlier piece "Booking a Round the World Trip with Star Alliance'' as an FYI.

I loved my trip, and I love being back home. It is Thanksgiving eve, I am finally unpacked, and there is a turkey to be stuffed and roasted. If you are in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving. Wherever you are, here's wishing you the best of the end-of-the-year holidays.

P.S.: Right after the Nov. 26 holiday, I'll be back writing travel news, features, tips and product reviews on this blog, and on Twitter. I will post some fresh, less time-dated material on my Web site,, as well.

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