Monday, December 6, 2010

24/7 in Hong Kong

There are numerous candidates for the city that never sleeps designation, but just a very few - Cairo, New York, Tokyo - come close to matching Hong Kong. The place is just vibrant, whether for shopping, eating or working.

I'm back for my first visit in more than a year. Flew in last night with Cathay Pacific Airways - which, incidently, just announced new serice from HK to Chicago starting Sept. 1, 2011, and a third daily nonstop between New York JFK. and HK starting next spring. I'm beavering away here at the Regal Airport Hotel's business center, trying to work up to the frenetic pace of this city.

This time around, I'll be checking out a new hotel or two, going back to old favorites and, of course, trying to catch up with Hong Kong's frenetic and varied food scene.

Reports to follow. Now, I'm venturing out into the great city. There's nothing quite like being in a subtropical climate, in a metropolis bedecked in Christmas lights and electric snowflakes.

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  1. David,
    Interesting blog, and interesting life.
    I traveled the world for 30+ years, 1.7 mil miles, and 77 foreign countries...on business...not so much fun as I see you have experienced.
    I have a Travel Tales and Photo blog at

    Keep writing and stay well!

    Mtn doc