Friday, July 22, 2011

Airheads, Continued

That post yesterday about a threatened partial shutdown of the U.S. Federal Aviation Admistration due to partisan political gridlock in Washington? It's going to happen. Starting tomorrow, when 4,000 workers are furloughed and badly needed expansion of the dilapidated U.S. airport system is postponed due to lack of a funding agreement.

This is small-beer measured against the almost perversely infantile posturing of a just-day-no Republican House of Representatives and U.S. President Barack Obama's leading-from-behind style, but it weakens air safety and efficiency for millions of travelers. And of course, it hurts workers at a time of already high unemployment.

Today's Washington Post ( reports "FAA Administrator J. Randolph Babbitt said that the furloughs of FAA workers would not affect the safety of air travel, but many of the agency's functions and its ability to collect $200 million a week in tax revenue that fund its operations will halt.

" 'The FAA employees who will be furloughed perform critical work for our nation's aviation system and our economy,' Babbitt said. 'These are real people with families who do not deserve to be put out of work during these tough economic times.' ''

But, hey, who cares about them when you are Masters of the Universe?

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